How do you know that the electrician you’ve hired is doing a quality job? Most every home that I have entered, I have seen evidence of some “Electrician’s” utter lack of electrical skills and poor craftsmanship–and sometimes, sadly, bordering on dangerous.

Let me ask you another question: How many of you have asked your “electrician” to see his electrical license or proof of insurance?

My point is this, not all electricians are the same–just because you found them in the phonebook or a business card doesn’t mean they’re competent or even legally allowed to run a business. Are these the “people” you want working on YOUR house’s wiring? How would you know?

Surely when one wants a doctor–you don’t just choose anyone. Don’t you want the best doctor you can find? The same should apply to electrical contractors. You don’t want just anyone working on your house wiring. You and your family’s safety and welfare count on it.

At Advanced Electrical Service Company, we will happily show you our electrical licenses and insurance. Our work is performed with the utmost skill and meticulousness. We stand by our work and our employees 100%. Rest assured that your future electrical job or project will be performed to the utmost standards and skill. We’ve been doing it for nearly 25 years and have many happy customers to back it up.

We do it every day