What you may not know about DANGEROUS Power Surges when we think of power surges and damage to electronics, we always think of thunderstorms and lightning. But did you know that lightning related surges account for only about 5% of the total surges that can  enter your home in a year? It’s true that lightning can wreak havoc with electronics and your electrical system. It gets all the publicity because it’s so obvious when it happens.

But what about the other 95% of the surges that enter your home? Where do they come from and what damage can they do? Well the rest of these surge events are generated through your power lines. The causes can range from simple load changes on the grid your house is fed through. Transformer failures, large usage customers coming on line every morning, extreme hot and cold weather, and even traffic accidents where poles are struck by vehicles. Electrical surges are defined as variations in the regular line voltage. Most appliance and electronics can handle minimal surge events. But the medium to larger surges are the ones that hammer your equipment and leave you wondering why that Big Screen Television isn’t working or why the electronics in your microwave or furnace stopped working. We at Advanced Electrical Service Co can install a surge protection system in your house.  This system can be installed on your existing electrical service panel and will protect everything being served by that panel.