Multi-Color LED Bar Room

Lighting reflects the life and personality of a space. The right lighting can have a
dramatic effect on a room’s atmosphere. We turned this incredible bar room into a multi-dimensional party room just by installing new lighting. This room was designed to be engulfed by the seamlessly changing color of the new lighting system. We also added the ability to change the speed of the light show so the user could have control over the effects and create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

See this YouTube video to see the full lighting effect.

Interior Kitchen Lighting

Every cook knows the importance of correct light and visibility in the kitchen. Often, the kitchen is the center of traffic in a home and should feel like a warm, inviting place to gather. Good kitchen lighting provides the most use out of each working counter, proper visibility over appliances, and enough light to prepare food and use the room to the fullest extent. We installed this kitchen lighting to highlight the design and layout of the space. Each area of the kitchen was considered during the planning phase to ensure there would be no dark counters or spaces that would have otherwise remained unused throughout the kitchen’s life. This kitchen lighting design encompasses all areas of the kitchen and successfully achieves the welcoming aspect of a well designed kitchen.

Exterior Garden & Landscape Lighting

We spend so much time perfecting each room in our house that sometimes our outdoor landscape does not get the deserved attention. The exterior of your home is the first impression your house makes to everyone, and should be considered an extension of the interior of your home. Bringing out its features with proper lighting will complete the look you desire and the overall beauty of your home. Not only does exterior lighting provide beauty, it also provides a lit path from the front walk or the driveway to your door. Without exterior lighting barbecues and outdoor activities usually have to end when the sun goes down. We install exterior lighting that gives you the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities after dark.

Multi-Level Exterior Stone Wall Lighting

Interesting architecture benefits form proper lighting by highlighting each feature and
casting interesting shadows. This project was designed around displaying the multiple dimensions and layers of this exterior stone wall. Without the lights, this wall could be overlooked and cast aside as just another plain wall. Each stone is unique and has an array of colors that illuminate beautifully in the lighting. Additionally, the lights serve the purpose of illuminating the area for anyone passing through.